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Ear Tips

What is the difference between foam and silicone ear tips?

Silicone ear tips are softer and more flexible, making them easier to insert. Plus, silicone is easy to clean and extremely durable, so your silicone ear tips will last longer. Foam ear tips are made of memory foam. You can mold foam ear tips to the

What materials are used in Loop ear tips?

For your comfort, we use high-quality materials for our ear tips. Our silicone ear tips are crafted with food-grade super-soft silicone, while our foam ear tips are made with memory foam, providing a soft and snug fit that conforms to your ear shape.

What are the sizes of the ear tips?

We understand the importance of finding the perfect fit for your ear tips. Here are the sizes available:. Large (L): 13 mm. Medium (M): 12 mm. Small (S): 11 mm. Extra Small (XS): 10 mm. Extra Extra Small (XXS): 9 mm (Only available for the Experience

How do I change the ear tips?

(Timestamp 0:34). 1. Take the ear tip and hold it between your thumb and index finger. 2. Align the ear tip with Loop's stem and gently push and twist it in place until it snugly fits. 3. If you're using silicone ear tips, remember to flip the flexib

Can I buy extra ear tips?

Absolutely! You can find a variety of silicone or foam ear tips in different sizes on the accessories section of our website to enhance your comfort and customize your fit with ease.