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Why is hearing protection at festivals important?

At festivals and live events, the sound levels can really impact your hearing. Just 15 minutes at 100 dB (SNR) can take a toll on your ears – and that's not even front row, next to the speakers!. Ever come home from a concert with that annoying ringi

Why are Loop Experience 2 earplugs ideal for festivals?

Experience 2 earplugs are ideal for festivals because they let you enjoy live music with a crisper, safer sound. Their patented acoustic channel and mesh filter reduce noise by 17 dB (SNR), allowing you to hear every beat clearly at a lower volume, p

How do Loop Experience 2 earplugs keep sound so clear?

It’s all in the design. Loop Experience 2 earplugs feature a clever acoustic channel, filter, and membrane. This channel matches the length of a human ear canal, offering a 17 dB (SNR) noise reduction while keeping sound crystal clear.

What are the benefits of using Loop Quiet earplugs at festivals?

During the day, festivals are all about living life to the fullest and soaking up the music. Instead of earplugs that muffle sound, you want earplugs like Experience 2 that filter noise without reducing quality, letting you enjoy the music while prot