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Loop Link

Why Loop Link?

Loop Link is a 65 cm connector cord designed to keep your Loops safely secured, thanks to two tug-resistant stems that attach directly to your earplugs. When not in use, Link hangs securely around your neck thanks to a simple magnetic closure. Availa

How do I attach Loop Link to my earplugs?

Step 1: Push the Loop through the silicone ring, ear tip first – no need to remove the ear tip. Step 2: Repeat for the second Loop. Step 3: Hang Loop Link around your neck and snap the magnetic parts together. Watch step-by-step here.

What comes with my Loop Link order?

Your Loop Link order comes with one Loop Link connector cord (including tug-resistant stems and magnetic closure) and one silicone storage pouch.

How safe is Loop Link?

Link was designed for users safety and peace of mind. Link’s tug-resistant silicone stems automatically detach when sudden force is applied to the connector cord, keeping your ears safe. Easily reassemble by pushing the silicone stems back into Link’

How do I clean my Loop Link?

Link can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Avoid using alcoholic wipes or other harsh chemicals, and do not immerse the Loop Link in water as this can damage individual components. The silicone storage case can be washed in water.

Can I replace individual Loop Link parts?

Currently, individual Link parts cannot be replaced. However, Link falls under Loop’s 2-year standard warranty policy. Be sure to register by scanning the QR code on the product packaging in the event your Link needs to be replaced.

Can I sleep with Loop Link?

We don’t recommend sleeping with Loop Link attached to your Loops. Loop Quiet, the earplug made for sleep, is designed to stay put throughout the night. If they keep falling out, try a different size ear tip and check out our how-to start with Loops

What is Loop Link made of?

Loop Link’s cord is made of nylon. Other materials include silicone, magnets, aluminum and copper.

Can I use Loop Link when I have sensitive skin?

All Link materials are safe for sensitive skin. The connector cord is made from 100% non-toxic nylon and stems are made from hypoallergenic silicone.

Is Loop Link compatible with any Loop earplug?

Yes! Link is compatible with Loop Quiet, Loop Experience and Loop Engage, as well as any limited-edition collections and styles.

Does Loop Link improve the noise reduction of my earplugs?

No. Loop Link is an accessory and does not impact the effectiveness of Loop earplugs.