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Referral Program

Where can I find my referral link?

Are you in the loop? Sign up for your Loop Circle account here. You'll find your personal referral link under the Referrals & Tiers page.

How can I use the 15% discount code?

Got a referral link from a Loop Circle member? What a great friend! When you click on it and hop over to our site, you might not see your discount right away – but don't worry. Add your goodies to the cart, and the 15% discount will show up at checko

How do referrals work?

Every Loop Circle member gets a personal referral link – giving friends and family 15% off. Each time someone makes a purchase with your code, it counts as a referral. Hit those referral milestones and you’ll unlock some awesome rewards:

My referral link doesn't work

Enjoy your 15% referral discount, applied during checkout with your referral link. Just double-check your cart before you proceed. If you hit any issues with the code, send us a message at [email protected] along with a screenshot, and we'll

Can I share my referral link with friends and family outside the EU and UK?

Just a heads up: your referral link can only be shared and used within the EU and UK regions and can’t be used across other stores. We’re really sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

Where are my referral rewards?

Within Loop Circle, referral milestones are as follows:. You'll find your first referral points and gift cards on the challenges page as soon as your first friend's order is delivered.

Where can I find my referral progress?

You can easily track your referral progress on the Referrals & Tiers page. Just click on 'Order History' in the referral section. Once your friend's order is complete, it’ll count toward your rewards.

Can I use my referral discount in combination with other promotions on the website?

Unfortunately, our website doesn't support stacking multiple discounts or promotions in a single purchase. So a referral discount code can’t be combined with other ongoing offers.

If I share my referral link, will it still count as a referral even if the person I refer uses a different promotion or discount code?

Absolutely. When you share your referral link and someone makes a purchase using it, even if they apply a different promotion or discount code, it still counts as your referral. This helps you hit your referral milestones and earn rewards. So go ahea