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How do I clean my earplugs?Updated a day ago

Cleaning your Loop earplugs is super simple, though some of our earplugs need a little extra care.

For Loop Quiet 2, they’re made from durable silicone, which makes them super easy to clean. You can either submerge them in water for a quick rinse or simply use a damp cloth with a bit of soapy water. For a deeper clean, detach the ear tips and wash them separately.

For models with special filters like Switch, Loop Engage 2, and Loop Experience 2, we do not recommend submerging them, as this can damage the internal components. So instead, remove the silicone ear tips and clean them separately in water. To clean the earplugs themselves, gently wipe the outer part with a damp cloth.

For foam tips, just give them a gentle wipe – avoid water and detergents as they can damage the material and reduce their effectiveness.

Steer clear of chemicals and sharp objects when cleaning your earplugs.

To keep everything fresh, we suggest changing your ear tips every 3-6 months. You can find replacement multipacks on our website.

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