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How do I insert my earplugs?

Inserting your ear tips is simple. Here’s how to do it in three easy steps:. 1. Hold the ring of the earplug between your thumb and index finger, and gently insert the ear tip into your ear. 2. Once it seals the ear canal, give it a small twist towar

How do I change the ear tips?

Swapping out your ear tips is simple. Here’s how to do it in four easy steps:. 1. Gently pull the ear tip off your earplug. 2. Grab the new ear tip you want to use and hold it between your thumb and index finger. 3. Line up the ear tip with the earpl

How do I clean my earplugs?

Cleaning your Loop earplugs is super simple, though some of our earplugs need a little extra care. For Loop Quiet 2, they’re made from durable silicone, which makes them super easy to clean. You can either submerge them in water for a quick rinse or

How do I insert Loop Mute?

How to get extra noise reduction for your Experience and Engage 2:

How to select the right ear tip size

All our earplugs come with size M ear tips, as this size fits most users. Try these on first. If they feel loose, tend to fall out, or if you hear no difference in noise reduction, go up a size. If they’re too tight or stick out, go down a size. To t