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Tips and Tricks Before ReturningUpdated 15 days ago

Before returning, please watch our how-to video—you might be able to solve your issue yourself with the tips for using and fitting your Loop earplugs correctly!

Comfort Concerns

Tip: Choose the right size ear tips and ensure correct insertion for optimal comfort.


  1. Start by gently twisting and inserting your Loops until they sit comfortably in your ears.

  2. If you experience discomfort, try switching to a smaller or larger ear tip size included in your package.

  3. Test different sizes and adjust the angle or depth of insertion to find the most comfortable fit.

Preventing Fallout Issues

Tip: Proper insertion is crucial for a secure fit.

Action: Insert your Loops with a slight twist to ensure they are snug. Experiment with different angles to find the most secure fit.

Ensuring Product Functionality

Tip: Correct insertion is essential for proper function.

Action: Make sure your Loops are fully inserted and sealed in your ear canal. A proper seal ensures the earplugs work effectively.

Understanding Internal Noise Effects

Tip: Learn about the normal internal noise effects new users experience.

Action: Be aware that hearing your own voice or internal sounds louder is normal and indicates a good seal. This sensation should become more natural over time.

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